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Welcome to the Lake Angelus, Michigan Police Department

branch-lake.jpgLake Angelus is a small, lakefront community with only one square mile of land surrounding the lake, and an elevation level of 980 feet. Lake Angelus is 35% water! Our community has a small town appeal, with a population of just 326 ​people. For more information, visit the CityData website.



Boating and Weather Safety

Learn more about Weather Safety and the Weather Warning System. When you hear the early Weather Warning System sirens:

  • Check the weather conditions and take cover
  • Please DO NOT call the Police or Fire Departments
  • Telephone lines are needed for emergencies only

Lake Angelus Boating and Water Safety offers information on safety while enjoying the lake.


Chief of Police

Chief of Police James Prosser was hired by the City of Lake Angelus in September of 2005 as a Patrol Officer. In February 2006, he was then promoted to the rank of Sergeant and most recently sworn in as Chief of Police on May 12, 2009.

Previously, he had spent the last 25 years working for the Clawson Police Department.
Chief Prosser has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Ferris State University and he will continue the open philosophy of the Lake Angelus Police Department.

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Emergencies: Dial 9-1-1
Phone: 248-332-1220
Fax: 248-248-332-1295

Lake Angelus Police Department
3575 Baldwin Road
Lake Angelus, MI 48326
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 House Check Request

house-vase_small.jpgThe House Check Request program gives residents of Lake Angelus a peace of mind when they are away from their home for an extended period.​

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 Online Services

​The Lake Angelus Police Department now makes purchasing accident/crash reports and/or paying traffic tickets easier and more convenient. Crash reports may be purchased and ticket fines paid using your VISA or MasterCard.