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Lake Angelus, MichiganFrequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


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Can I make a report with the Lake Angelus Police Department if the crime or accident occurred outside the city?,
No. Even though you may live here, we can only take reports of crimes or accidents that occur within the city limits. You will have to contact the jurisdiction where the incident occurred to file a police report. If it is an incident that is not serious in nature, the police department in the jurisdiction in which it occurrred may have a program similar to the Lake Angelus Police Department's in which you can file the report right over the telephone.
I have locked my keys in my car! Can you help me?,
Sorry, but the Lake Angelus Police Department no longer offers lockout service. We suggest you call a tow company or a locksmith to assist you.​
Can you tell me if someone I know has been arrested?,
We can tell you if they are in the police station, at the court, or if we transported them to the Oakland County Jail. In certain situations, we will release what charges they are facing, but for specific information we may refer you to the Freedom of Information Act.​
How do I get a copy of a police report?,
Through the CLEMIS System, the Lake Angelus Police Department now makes purchasing accident/crash reports and/or paying traffic tickets easier and more convenient. Crash reports may be purchased and ticket fines paid using your Visa or MasterCard. Please use the follow link:​
When can I make a missing person report?,
Usually the person must be missing for 24 hours. However, if the missing person is a minor, or if there are extenuating circumstances, the Lake Angelus Police Department will take a missing persons report immediately.​
How do I get a Personal Protection Order (PPO)?,
You must go to the Oakland County Prosecutor's office located in the County Complex at 1200 North Telegraph Road (north of the Oakland Pointe and Summit Place Mall shopping centers).​
Where do I register my gun?,
You may register it at the Lake Angelus Police Department. Please call the police department to schedule an appointment. You will need picture identification.
When do I call 911?, Only call 911 for actual emergencies! For non-emergencies and information, you may call (248) 332-1220.​